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This is yet another dazzling inspiration that brought into the mind of the audience today on the 1st of April 2017 at the DevConMru – Day 2. After the mesmerising speech at the DevConMru by Logan, this time Codarren Velvindron, core member of hit the conference room with so many attendees. Fast Coding Skills – A well chosen topic especially for the curious ones, beginners or professionals who want to remove the barrier between the code and them. Codarren started the presentation by giving some examples about the applications he ventured into, for example MariaDB.

The room was full with over fifty attendees. While some were sitting on the floor, others leaned up against the wall focussed on Codarren. I heard someone from the crowd murmuring “I want to be a hacker”.. 🙂

Several analogies were brought to the attention of the audience such as the difficulties which one has to encounter whilst coding. Tips and tricks to get relief from these difficulties were offered; such as playing, breaking the huge task into parts and analysing the mini parts of each. Another way to understand how the code works is by “deleting” part it after a backup to know how it would behave in a different environment. Codarren also shared his experience about the IETF hackathon in which he participated.

Here is the Slide of Codarren at the DevConMru 2017

Fast Coding Skills by Codarren Velvindron on Scribd

At the end, we thanked Codarren for the job done. Members of kept on responding to people from the audience who were showing interest in coding. Some questions from the audience were about the challenges faced in the IETF hackathon as well as Codarren’s favourite programming language. “Talk is cheap, show me the code” – Linus Torvalds. mesmerising speech at the DevConMru 2017

The message was clear and direct at the DevConMru 2017. Painted with a humorist approach, Loganaden Velvindron #2 of bridged the gap between students who were mainly in the audience to reach their goal in the IT industry and Linux in Mauritius.

The DevConMru is a yearly event to bring together developers, beginners, students and professionals. The goal is to bring more craftsmen under the same roof. “Mauritius has been branded “Cyber Island” in the Indian Ocean… Opinions in those matters vary but with this conference we strive to improve the general attribution of our island. Mauritius has great political stability and economical advantages for foreign investors, and the most precious resource Mauritius has to offer is people’s knowledge. The ICT sector in Mauritius is growing since years and maturing as the fourth pillar of our economy. With its geographical position Mauritius is also welcome as a business and knowledge hub between Africa and Asia.”MSCC.

In today’s Mauritius IT industry, everyone wants to have a better standard of living. But how? How to build a successful IT industry? Are we moving in the right direction? Are foreign investors attracted by the quality of the Mauritius IT industry ? Logan did not miss those points to bring the audience on the track.

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Photo Credits:

After giving a brief intro of the team, Logan explained the requirements and life cycles of IT companies and their profits as to whether they are in the same line of fresh IT graduates and professionals. A vivid example is by analyzing the statistics of Github accounts in Mauritius, the quality and quantity of code contribution compared with Singapore. Students were encouraged to publish their coding exercise on GitHubs, create a blog and take part in Google Code-in.

Indeed, work towards such goals, for example, participation and mentoring for the Google Code-in. Several hackathons were organised. Contributions in the real world applications such as Pfsense, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, OpenBSD, LibArchive, Firejails, Linux and others.. This list is long. An award was also received during the IETF 98 Hackathon.

Logan at the DevConMru 2017
Logan at the DevConMru 2017

The slide can be viewed here or on the Scriba website.

I was impressed how Avinash Meetoo, honorary member of the hacked the audience and shed some light to boost the students. Avinash mentioned himself about his passion for blogging and the importance of projecting his personality with the right vision.

At, we invite many to join us, but one have to work hard to attain a certain level of professionalism.  After the presentation, many came to congratulate us for the job done. We were around chatting with many sharing our work and job experience as well as the passion for coding. I once read a phrase in an old book as follows “You are what you eat”.  But things have change now because You are what You CODE!!

ISOC IETF session & Side conference at AFRINIC-25

AFRINIC-25 was held at Sofitel Imperial Resort & Spa in Mauritius this year from 25th to 30th of November 2016. Members of were proud to be present during the ISOC IETF session. Logan, who is also a member of introduced me to Kevin G. Chege of ISOC who was leading the meeting. There were several topics tossed on technical IETF standards at the workplace by Padma Pillay-Esnault of Huawei and afterwards Yash Paupiah of, a student at the University of Mauritius, gave a brief overview of tasks accomplished during his security audit of open source applications.

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

I made a short introduction on OpenSUSE as an OpenSUSE advocate and laid emphasis on the challenges of the OpenSUSE community in terms of code contribution. Also, a brief overview of the OpenSUSE insfractructure, the open build service, the visualization platform and factory develoment at OpenSUSE.

One of the contributions made during the hackathon – Operation SAD – Search and Destroy where codes were contributed to Monit – An opensource utility for proactive monitoring. It can conduct automatic maintenance and repair. What is most interesting during the hackathon is the deprecation of SSLv3 in Monit.

More details were shed on the spreading of the disease called SSLv3. There are many developers still importing Monit as secondary tools on their application. A live example where Github repos are infected with SSLv3 where same need to be removed to mitigate attacks. The RFC 7568 (Thanks to the TLS working group) – which was applied during the course of the hackathon was taken as example as well as the methodology and application of the SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle standards during the hackathon.

Slide during the IETF meeting

An open discussion among participants and audience was then carried out. The aim is to have each one to share their concerns and initiative to reach their goals. As regards to me, i laid emphasis that IETF materials should not only reach University students, but also other individuals who have the skills and know-how and ready to learn for the betterment of Africa and Mauritius. Hackathons were proposed to be carried out at international level under the umbrella of the IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force. 

I would also sincerely thank the ISOC, AFRINIC and sponsors for making this event a successful one.

Some pictures here:


Reducing costs with and simplify VM storage with VMware VSAN

I recently attended another meeting on VMware VSAN  by Altaro – How VMware VSAN can reduce cost and simplify your VM storage ? This presentation was carried out by Theresa Miller, vExpert and Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist. A brief explanation of how large group of people use to manage simple solution compared with VMware VSAN technology. Nowadays, there is the creation of single point to manage those virtual machines. This is where hyper-convergence came from as SME’s and SMB’s are looking for high availability.


Here are some slides from the presentation (credits: :


Several advantages such as traffic into cluster to ensure if there is a node failure, the system is still up using VSAN. Emphasis on VSAN architectural benefits, tool-sets and use cases to simplify the infrastructure as computation and infrastructure are now being managed as one single point using single software.

Other point discussed on VSAN assessment importance. Never assumed VSAN results without performing an assessment. Other tools such as VSAN TCO and sizing calculator. VSAN is also important for developers to have more access to provisioning during development. team celebrating at Flying Dodo!

Yesterday, Logan ping me to join the team for beer and pizza at Flying Dodo Bagatelle. Its been since some days though that the team is meeting for a beer. Reaching there, Logan and Anoop were already present. Some interesting topics about careers in Mauritius were tossed out. We had a long talk on tools and tips in the world of IT such as automation, chef, and other tools. A tool that Anoop point around is Shavlik which is use to automate task for Windows servers. 

By the time, the whole team showed out and and i was impressed by the seafood pizza. That taste is superb 🙂 Yes it was indeed a special day as Akhil, one member of the is heading miles away from Mauritius for studies. The tradition at is to meet over a table for Pizza and Beer !


We had some interesting topics such as future plans in including ISOC, IETF, Podcasts, Hackathons etc.. Several other plans have been forecast already for the team. Of course, there will be the arrival of new members. 

Afterwards, we all congrats Akhil for the steps taken in and wish him a safe flight abroad. As usual, Logan seized the opportunity to show us the hilarious Mauritian video on youtube which made us laugh a lot.