How I am loosing weight? – Part 1

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If you are watching several youtube videos about losing weight, the answer to your question would be very difficult and the worst is when you suspect if a video is made only for capitalization purposes. I learned that there is absolutely no answer to my question. Although, it might be helpful in some way, believe me losing weight is a “science”. Everyone’s body differs. Everyone is different. The only way to lose weight is to listen to oneself and base yourself on facts. What I mean by facts is “blood test for LDL/HDL”. Health is something very important. I would advise you to do not to rely on this blog post and follow the same pattern as I mentioned, this is a science and you need to listen to yourself and be very ambitious to lose weight. Seek advice from professionals, nutrionists, and medical doctors. Even doctors would agree that losing weight is not something easy. It’s a matter of lifestyle and discipline.

So I bought an Ozeri scale on Amazon which cost me around 30 USD which can measure your weight, but as well the fats, water, muscle, and bone density. Not all scales are 100% accurate, but at least, this one can provide some more detailed hints.

Let me share with you some statistics about my weight.

Weight (71)Fats (15)Water (47-61)Muscle >48BoneDate
87.82053392.5July 30
89.120.452.841.02.7Aug 18
88.120.653.539.12.5Aug 19
88.520.653.339.32.5Aug 20
88.620.953.837.92.4Aug 23
87.920.853.538.32.4Aug 30
87.920.853.838.02.4Aug 31
87.520.354.138.62.4Sep 01
87.520.354.138.62.4Sep 02
87.220.354.338.22.4Sep 03
86.720.454.537.62.3Sep 04
85.819.755.037.62.4Sep 07
87.520. 14
86.419.954.638.52.4Nov 22
85.919.654.938.52.4Nov 26
85.619.355.138.82.4Nov 28
84.719.155.638.22.5Nov 29
84.018.456.038.82.5Dec 02
83.618.556.338.42.4Dec 03
82.417.757.138.42.4Dec 04
81.817.657.438.42.4Dec 04 05
84.118.455.839.42.5Dec 06
84.218.555.839.42.5Dec 07
84.318.055.740.72.6Dec 08
84.618.855.738.52.4Dec 18
83.918.656.138.32.4Dec 19
82.917.756.639.12.5Dec 20
83.017.956.539.22.5Dec 21
82.517.856.938.52.4Dec 22

As you can see, in the month of July, I was 87 KG and in early Aug I went up to 89 KG. I realize that if I keep on keeping this trend, I would surely end up with a stroke or more complex disease. So I started researching a lot on weight loss and reading a lot about bodybuilding which I will share in my future posts.

As usual, I should admit that I always enjoy a coffee in the morning, and eat all kinds of Junk foods from Burger King, Chick-fil-A, fried noodles, Briani, ice cream, etc… I decided to go back to Gym. However, I was not on a regular basis until the beginning of November. This is why we can see the weight fluctuate and stay the same.

At the beginning of November 2021, I started working out for 1 hour every day on the elliptical stepper.

Yes, it’s a pain to work out 1 hour non-stop on the elliptical stepper. However, I started the slowest possible but I maintained my 1-hour training with the additional 10 mins for cooling. Then I do some stretching. Over a 25 days period, I increased the intensity gradually. My weight was then down from 87.5 to 84 KG. However, I maintain the normal food eating habits believing that doing exercise is sufficient, but it’s not.

By 2030, 50% of the USA population will be obese. Worst, other parts of the world are not spared from that.

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This leads me to analyze the issue that I am facing and the world is facing. Obesity! It’s real. The food industry is changing everything. Child obesity is real now. Many people cannot accept the fact that they are obese. If you get some time, watch this video: In the USA, obesity is even a fashion now!

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”bm-6_0xiQNc” ]

Well, another video that caught my attention is by the great professor Robert H. Lustig about sugar. He explained clearly in a very scientific way how Sugar is a poison and should be banned completely. Worst, how the FDA is not regulating fructose. Sugar is sucrose. sucrose is composed of 2 molecules glucose and fructose. Whilst glucose is healthy, fructose is not. I learned from Dr. Lustig that the body is not really in need of fructose unless we are running marathons and engaged in high exercise activity.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”dBnniua6-oM” ]

From Dec 01 to Dec 04, I decided to go on a water diet. I should say the result was shocking to me. I lost 1 kilo every day. If you look at the spreadsheet above, you would see how it dropped from 84.0 to 81.8. However, I decided to stop the water diet as I was getting some pain when drinking water. I felt so tempted about eating. I ate some burgers, chocolates and a few drinks. Believe me, the guilt that you feel after that is terrible. On Dec 18, I weight about 85 Kg. But I will not give up. In the next article, I’ll tell you how I went down further to 82.


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