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Attending Africa Internet Summit 2019 remotely from South Africa

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This year the Africa Internet Summit was held in Kampala, Uganda. I could not be physically present as I had to fly urgently to Johannesburg for both personal and business reasons. For those, who are not aware of the Africa [Read More…]

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Tips for Mauritians traveling abroad for holidays

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Traveling abroad demands a lot of planning and preparation including budgeting. In this blog post, I will share some of my experience and tips whilst traveling abroad especially for holidays or business purposes from Mauritius. Mauritius is an island nation [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations

IETF 103 hackathon remotely by – Day 1

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Day-0 for the IETF 103 hackathon was really fun. We had two first-timers who worked pretty hard. It was really an intense moment on Day 1. Everyone was busy with their projects. I should admit it was pretty intense. Our [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations – Going further and beyond from Mauritius to Africa and Worldwide

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We are for free and opensource software. We are presenting Mauritius worldwide in the IT sector. We are a Linux and Open source group that is going further and beyond. We believe in collaborative work and team spirit. We believed [Read More…]