Linux System

Overlay Union Filesystems in Linux

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Returning to the world of blogging after nearly a month’s hiatus, I find myself intrigued by the concept of Overlay Filesystems. This article has piqued my curiosity, and I am convinced it will offer valuable insights for my future endeavors. [Read More…]

Linux Application

Rclone your files to Google drive on Rocky Linux

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A swift and easy way to sync your files and folders to Google Drive on Rocky Linux can be done using Rclone.  Rclone is a command-line program to manage files on cloud storage. It is a feature-rich alternative to cloud [Read More…]

Bind and DNS tools Linux Application Scripts and codes

Analyzing Nginx Logs with Python: Reverse DNS Lookup, IP Enumeration, and Counting

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While experimenting with parsing my Nginx access logs in Python a while ago, it occurred to me that this could serve as the basis for another blog post. My goal was to identify the most frequently occurring IP address and [Read More…]

Linux System

Assign a process to a specific CPU in a NUMA node

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NUMA – Non-Uniform Memory Access is really about CPU topology – A map of how CPUs are associated with memory, hence that’s why we say memory is divided into multiple memory nodes in NUMA. It’s kind of multiple computers compacted [Read More…]

Cloud Computing

My journey to AWS cloud practitioner – AWS IAM – Part 3

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I have been through some theories and concepts again about AWS Cloud. I cannot write everything here as its very bulky. There are several courses available on the official AWS portal as well as on other third-party course providers like [Read More…]