My indoor plants in Winter 2024

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I used to have a cool indoor greenhouse in my living room growing lettuce, arugula, and thyme. However, since I work from home most of the time and need a dedicated office space, I decided to make some changes. I had to part ways with some plants and equipment from the garden, including heating, humidity control, lights, and even a fan to mimic wind.

Now, I have fewer plants, but they’re still hanging in there despite the cold weather. Just wanted to share a quick update on my indoor garden journey! I notice, that most of them can still thrive despite there being no absolute good weather conditions.

White Anne Nerve Plant

This goes by the name “White Anne”. I used to have it for decorative purposes. White Anne Nerve Plant is a popular houseplant that needs regular watering to thrive.

White Anne


That just keeps growing that I had to put some stick there to prevent it from going  down

Another Unknown here:

In summer it produces lots of red flowers


Palm Plant

I got it for free from Lowes shop. it did not have any leaves. Then last year to my surprise, 2 leaves came from it.


Avocado plants

That one avocado plant that I grow from the seed is getting taller and has 2 branches now after it was pruned last summer



Moringa plants

I have 2 of them. I am planning to separate them into two different bigger pots this summer


Passion fruit Plant

I have another two of these vines. They are tropical fruits. At some point this winter I need to put some support so that they can keep on climbing into it. Next year will re-pot it.


Lemon or Lime

This was grown from seed and I have 7 like these. To be honest, I cannot remember what seeds were these.

Tumeric plant

I will harvest it next year and re-grow it again.


Cherry Guavas Plant

This fruit grows a lot in tropical countries. It’s been years since I’m been searching in many shops on the East Coast as to where I can buy this fruit. Trust me it’s absolutely tasty.

And lastly, that’s where everything lives in just a small space near the window. I have a grow light close to them.



I keep all my plants in plastic containers. Before watering, I make sure the soil has been dry for 1-2 weeks. This helps me avoid overwatering. However, I noticed that two mystery plants are always thirsty, unlike the others.


During winter, low humidity can be a problem. To tackle this, I use a small water spray bottle and give my plants a little mist from time to time. Surprisingly, this not only helps with humidity but also makes the plants move. It turns out this movement is good for strengthening their stems like they would naturally experience in a windy environment. Plants always need to move. Just a little trick I discovered!

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