Reducing costs with and simplify VM storage with VMware VSAN

I recently attended another meeting on VMware VSAN  by Altaro – How VMware VSAN can reduce cost and simplify your VM storage ? This presentation was carried out by Theresa Miller, vExpert and Andy Syrewicze, Technical Evangelist. A brief explanation of how large group of people use to manage simple solution compared with VMware VSAN technology. Nowadays, there is the creation of single point to manage those virtual machines. This is where hyper-convergence came from as SME’s and SMB’s are looking for high availability.


Here are some slides from the presentation (credits: :

[URIS id=1549]

Several advantages such as traffic into cluster to ensure if there is a node failure, the system is still up using VSAN. Emphasis on VSAN architectural benefits, tool-sets and use cases to simplify the infrastructure as computation and infrastructure are now being managed as one single point using single software.

Other point discussed on VSAN assessment importance. Never assumed VSAN results without performing an assessment. Other tools such as VSAN TCO and sizing calculator. VSAN is also important for developers to have more access to provisioning during development.

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