About Me


My name is Jaykishan Mutkawoa or simply Nitin. This blog is simply about my passion for Linux and Open source softwares though sometimes, i feel to blog about Space explorations or stuffs i came across that i find interesting. I have been participating in Open source and Linux meet ups since years back. I am currently working as a Linux and Applications system administrator at Linkbynet Indian Ocean. I live in Mauritius, a little island in the Indian Ocean sadly with just 1Mbps internet speed.

I am extremely curious about Space explorations and exo-planetary research such as the Kepler projects. Science, Psychology or even Neuroscience are the topics that i like to adventure around.

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Thats me

My Track

2005 – I joined the Mauritius Police force and resigned in 2013. I should admit those days Linux was mostly for funs.

2008 – I have joined BCS, the chartered institute for IT. My project was made on a Criminal Database Tracking System. You can view the Project Abstract here.

2012 – I have been participating in several Linux activities since 2012. Some links are available here on the Linux User Group of Mauritius – LUGM website.

I joined the OpenSUSE advocate program to promote OpenSUSE operating system to beginners as well as professionals. You can also view the profile on the OpenSUSE official page.

2013 – Have been participating (Article appear in Business Mag) in the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship community meet ups. Many activities were carried out togather with theLinux User Group of Mauritius.

20142017 Joined Linkbynet Indian Ocean, an IT Service and outsourcing company hosting thousands on servers on the cloud. I am currently a Linux and Application system administrator. We need to provide a quality of service to customers, engage in many technologies and improve the automation methodologies to ensure client needs.

2015 – Joined the Hackers Mauritius which is now a revolutionary and powerful team to start getting deeper in the world of Open source and Linux core. The founder gave a brief overview on his blog.

2016 – With the help of Hackers.mu a succesful contribution in Tarsnap was achieved. This is a powerful backup tools for the paranoid. Several projects are already succesful and a sucessful team is moving ahead in another dimension.

Became Associate member of the British Computer Society (AMBCS). I am now allowed to use the title AMBCS just after my name.

Participation in Operation SAD  – Search and Destroy – Several OpenSSL bugs were removed in OpenSUSE applications.

Participation in Operation WTF – WordPress Tiny Flaws – Security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins were discovered. Proof of concept was made followed by a fix.

2017 – Joined Orange Business Service as Level 2 Cloud Specialist – I am actually providing cloud services. All main tasks revolve around virtualisation and networking.

Where to find me?

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