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Greetings, I’m Jaykishan Mutkawoa or simply Nitin or Jay to those who know me. This blog is my space to share insights on Linux, Open Source, DevOps, Technology, and anything else intriguing that crosses my path. Back in the day, I actively participated in Open Source and Linux meetups, as well as Hackathons. Originally from the enchanting island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, I was raised in a small village: “Riviere Des Anguilles“, my journey took a turn in October 2019 when I moved to the United States. Currently, I’m engaged as a System Operation Specialist at NASDAQ – the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. Beyond the tech realm, I find joy in exploring Psychology, Science, Space, Futuristic Physics, and Language. Join me as I unravel the complexities of technology and share my experiences on this exciting journey.

My Track

2005 – I found myself in a private school, navigating the challenges of obtaining my School Certificate. However, at that point in my life, securing employment took precedence over academic pursuits. My primary assets at the time were my proficiency in running and holding a red belt in tae kwon do.

2005 [First job] I vividly recall the moment in a classroom when I received a response from the Commissioner of Police in Mauritius, notifying me of a required physical aptitude test. Fortunately, I successfully navigated through it. On the eve of that notification, I sat in a classroom, and the very next day, I bid farewell to school life to join the esteemed ranks of the Mauritius Police Force in June 2005. It was during my training that I realized I held the distinction of being the youngest member in my batch.

Throughout my eight-year tenure in the Police Force (from 2005 to 2013), Linux, in those days, was more of a recreational pursuit for me. Amidst duties that involved sentries of prisoners and patrols, I carried my Linux notes in my pocket, often consulting them in moments of reflection. Transitioning to a fully flexible Linux-savvy individual proved challenging, given the demanding nature of my law enforcement responsibilities.

My training journey led me through the intricacies of the Police Training School at the SMF (Special Mobile Force) complex, and after nine months of intensive preparation, I commenced my professional career in law enforcement. My initial assignment placed me in a quaint village in the south of the island at the Souillac Police Station. Subsequently, I experienced diverse roles and responsibilities as I was transferred across various units, including DSU, CID, Regular Force, ADSU, and more. Each transfer brought new challenges and opportunities, contributing to a comprehensive and dynamic career within the Mauritius Police Force.

2007 – I went viral on a German NewsPaper: Stern.de. My objective was to make my voice heard against the malpractice of Social Networks like Facebook.com. They consequently re-activated my profile account. I end up with two different Facebook accounts.

2008[Continuous Education] I enrolled in BCS, the chartered institute for IT, where my focus shifted toward a compelling project involving the development of a Criminal Database Tracking System. For those interested, the project abstract is available for review.

BCS, known for its emphasis on practical IT skills, stands out by not mandating primary education for degree or diploma acquisition. Instead, a foundational certificate equivalent to a Level 4 qualification is required. The institute allows individuals to pursue self-learning, providing the flexibility to register for exams independently.

Regrettably, despite my enthusiasm and engagement, I faced challenges in completing both the diploma and degree programs. During this period, my primary passion revolved around Backtrack OS, later rebranded as Kali Linux by Offensive Security, captivating my attention and steering my interests in a different direction.

2012[Community Contribution] I’ve actively engaged in various Linux activities, contributing to the vibrant Linux community. You can find more details and links to my involvement on the Linux User Group of Mauritius (LUGM) website. Feel free to explore the provided links for insights into my contributions and experiences within the Linux community.

2013[Community Contribution] I became part of the OpenSUSE advocate program with a commitment to promoting the OpenSUSE operating system to both beginners and professionals. For those interested, my profile is available on the official OpenSUSE page, offering more insights into my advocacy for this versatile operating system. Feel free to check it out for a deeper understanding of my involvement and support for OpenSUSE.

2013 – 2015[Community Contribution] I have actively participated in the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship community meetups, and my involvement has even been featured in a Business Magazine article. Collaborating closely with the Linux User Group of Mauritius, we’ve undertaken numerous activities to foster a culture of software craftsmanship. These experiences have enriched my journey, providing valuable insights and connections within the tech community.

2015 – I established Tunnelix.com following the closure of my former blog, darkxploit.us. Before darkxploit.us, during my teenage years from 2002 to 2007, I ran a blog named Whitesnakes. The idea of sharing some screenshots from those early blogging days on this platform always lingers in my mind, despite how naïve it may have been back then.

2014 – 2017[Career Change] I became a part of the remarkable team at Linkbynet Indian Ocean, an IT service and outsourcing company that hosts thousands of servers in the cloud. As a Linux and Application System Administrator, I was dedicated to delivering high-quality services to our customers. The dynamic environment required constant engagement with a myriad of technologies and a focus on enhancing automation methodologies to meet client needs effectively. My exposure extended across various cloud technologies, including SaaS, PaaS, Haas, and more. In a surprising turn of events in 2023, I learned that Linkbynet Indian Ocean underwent acquisition, becoming a part of the globally renowned Accenture. This marked a significant development in my professional journey within the evolving landscape of IT services.

2015 – 2018[Community Contribution] I joined Hackers Mauritius, an influential and revolutionary team, to delve deeper into the realms of open source and the core of Linux. However, in September 2018, a collective decision was made, leading to my departure along with almost all the members of hackersDOTmu. Our shared aspiration was to forge a new identity in the open-source domain characterized by innovation and a fresh vision. This transition marked a pivotal moment in our collective journey within the dynamic landscape of open source and Linux.

In April 2017, Local Mauritius Newspaper Defimedia published an article: When Mauritians Challenge the CIA (Hackers Mauritius). This was published after patching several software like the openwhisper system when Wikileaks revealed several bugs which was leveraged as a spy system. I believe the press used the word CIA to catch the public attention.

In Oct 2017, The Register published an article (Mauritian code cutters to deliver TLS1.3) when I being part of the team started implementing TLS1.3 in various applications.

In Nov 2017, I with the team, went to Dakar, Senegal, to lead and Pioneer one of the hackathons at the African Internet Summit and a hackathon on NTP – Network Time Protocol to implement the RFC5905. Cisco DevNet who was also present at the event mentioned it. The Father of the African Internet signed a Certificate of participation as a Lead during the hackathon.

2017 – 2019 – I achieved a significant milestone by becoming an Associate Member of the British Computer Society (AMBCS). This recognition afforded me the privilege of using the esteemed title “AMBCS” just after my name. This affiliation with the British Computer Society marked a valuable step in my professional journey within the broader field of computer science and technology.

2017 – 2018 [Job Change] I joined Orange Business Service as a Level 2 Cloud Specialist, contributing to the realm of cloud services. In this role, my primary responsibilities centered around virtualization, networking, and Linux server administration. Engaging in tasks that spanned these key areas, I played a crucial role in delivering effective and efficient cloud solutions as part of the Orange Business Service team. I also got involved in Disaster recovery and became a Zerto Certified Professional.

2017 – 2018In July 2017, I achieved the certification milestone of becoming a VMware Certified Associate, demonstrating my proficiency in VMware technologies. Building on this accomplishment, by December 2017, I further solidified my expertise by attaining the esteemed title of VMware Certified Professional. These certifications underscore my dedication to mastering virtualization technologies and contribute to my journey as a skilled IT professional.

2018 – 2019In September 2018, I reached a career milestone with my promotion to DevOps Engineer at Orange Business Services. In this role, my primary focus was on automating infrastructure and optimizing the cloud environment. My tasks exposed me to a diverse set of tools, and I became deeply involved in Ansible, Bash scripting, Python, and various automation tools. However, in July 2019, I decided to resign from Orange Business Services, marking the end of one chapter in my professional journey and paving the way for a new and exciting adventure.

2018 – 2021In September 2018, I played a pivotal role in founding cyberstorm.mu, a dynamic group aimed at pushing the boundaries of technology and hacking. Our mission extended beyond conventional approaches, actively working to safeguard the internet. With numerous commits and pull requests, the group thrived, actively contributing to the cybersecurity landscape.

Nov 2018 – I have been able to deprecate RC4 algorithms in one of the most used SSH agents in various software. A successful merge request was obtained.

Nov 2018 – It marked another event where I found myself in Tunisia, Yasmine Hamammet to speak about DNSSEC. One of the Indian Ocean reporters published the event.

However, in July 2021, I took a step back from cyberstorm.mu. While the group continued its activities, my involvement shifted to occasional hackathons. The bonds formed during our collaboration remain strong, and my fellow cyberstorm.mu members have become lasting friends. Recognizing the need for new leadership and fresh perspectives, I felt it was time for others to step into roles such as organizing hackathons, managing websites, and overseeing email servers. This transition allows the group to evolve with renewed vigor and creativity.

2019In August 2019, I embarked on a significant journey by immigrating to the United States of America. The process, shrouded in secrecy, culminated in obtaining a permanent resident visa. Now settled in the U.S., I find myself exploring various job opportunities within the tech industry, with a keen interest in roles such as DevOps, Linux system administration, and System Engineering.

During this period, the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was palpable, affecting industries worldwide. Interestingly, amidst these challenging times, I serendipitously acquired a BMW X1 from the state of California, taking advantage of a downturn in car prices. This vehicle made its way to the East Coast, adding an unexpected and fortunate twist to my relocation experience.

2019 – 2021 [Job Change] In October 2019, I joined West Highland Support Services Inc. in the role of a Linux Administrator. West Highland Support Services, LLC stands as a prominent international market data support services firm, specializing in system architecture/design, remote monitoring, and support solutions tailored for the financial community. The company’s mission is to enhance clients’ market data environments, providing efficient solutions that lead to overall savings. Our clientele includes renowned entities such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv, NYSE, BNYM, Point72, and various other vendors.

During my tenure, I engaged with a diverse set of technologies, utilizing tools like Low-Level discovery in Zabbix, TREP Enterprise Solutions, Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg EMRS, Solace, NYSE (ICE), and others to deliver optimal support.

In June 2021, I decided to resign from West Highland Support Services. Subsequently, in 2023, I learned of the company’s acquisition by TNSI, signaling a strategic move towards delivering comprehensive market stack solutions. This development added an intriguing layer to my experiences within the dynamic financial technology landscape.

2020I attained the designation of a Solace Certified Solutions Consultant, marking a significant achievement in my professional journey. Subsequently, I immersed myself in the Solace Messaging platform, dedicating substantial time to exploring and working with its features. This certification underscores my expertise in leveraging the capabilities of the Solace Messaging platform, showcasing my commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies within the messaging and communication domain.

2021 [Job Change] In June 2021, I embarked on a new chapter in my professional journey by joining Nasdaq. Currently serving as a Systems Operations Specialist, I am actively involved in the intricate operations of Nasdaq, which stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The term “Nasdaq” extends beyond an acronym; it also refers to the Nasdaq Composite, an index comprising over 3,000 stocks listed on the Nasdaq exchange. This index includes some of the world’s leading technology and biotech giants, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Amazon, and others. My role at Nasdaq places me at the heart of these dynamic financial and technological landscapes, contributing to the operational excellence of this globally recognized institution.

2021Finally owning my real estate property! It’s a significant accomplishment. My 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condominium in the state of Connecticut not only provides you with a comfortable living space but also represents a valuable investment.

Despite the heavier tax burden in Connecticut and my greedy and un-innovative Property Management, your belief in its manageability and worth speaks to the enduring value of real estate. Real estate has historically proven to be a resilient investment, with property values often appreciating over time, regardless of economic fluctuations. My approach to this investment aligns with the long-term stability that real estate can offer.

2022 – January 2022 marked the beginning of my journey into learning a new language, Spanish. I also started having an interest in speaking Mandarin. Among the language groups I joined in Manhattan, NYC, Langroops has been one of my favorites. I’ve dedicated time to both sharing my knowledge and enhancing my French skills within the group. Being a polyglot, it’s truly enjoyable to be a part of a community where I can connect with fellow polyglots and engage with newcomers who are venturing into the world of learning a new language. It’s a fulfilling experience to share the joy of language learning with others in such a supportive environment.

In May 2022, I encountered a mild case of Alopecia, and in response, I decided to seek a solution in Istanbul, Turkey, renowned globally for its expertise in hair transplants. My journey through this experience led me to publish articles detailing both the challenges I faced and the strategies I employed to overcome them. By sharing my story, I aim not only to document my path to recovery but also to offer insights and support to others who may be grappling with similar circumstances. I hope that these articles contribute to a greater understanding of Alopecia and its potential solutions, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences for those navigating similar challenges.

2023In a decision to reconnect with family, I made the journey to Mauritius after nearly four years. Despite the long trip, the joy of reuniting with loved ones was marred by a bout of illness, with a fever gripping me shortly after my arrival on the island. However, I managed to bounce back swiftly, catching up with friends and making the most of my time there.

The year 2023 presented its share of challenges, prompting a self-reflection on my health. Realizing that I wasn’t exercising enough and grappling with the onset of obesity, I committed to a transformative journey. Under the guidance of Dr. Berg, DC, I immersed myself in an intense Keto and intermittent Fasting Program. Delving deep into Dr Berg’s educational resources, I completed certifications in Rapid Fat Burning and How to Boost Your Immune System, a testament to my dedication to understanding and improving my health. The results were indeed fruitful, as I successfully shed weight, moving from 98 kg to 74 kg. With a target set at 67 kg, this personal journey reflects a commitment to well-being and serves as a reminder of the transformative power of lifestyle changes.

In light of Nasdaq’s partnership with AWS and its strategic move towards Cloud acceleration, I took a decisive step in my career by pursuing official certification. I am now a Certified Cloud Practitioner, marking my commitment to staying at the forefront of cloud technologies. Looking ahead to 2024, my goal is to further enhance my expertise by completing the Sysops Certified Administrator course. Additionally, I plan to share my insights and experiences extensively by blogging on AWS cloud content. This strategic approach aligns with the evolving landscape of cloud computing and reflects my dedication to continuous professional development in this dynamic field.

In Nov 2023[Community Contribution]  I found myself at another turning point as I decided to rejoin cyberstorm.mu, a community I’ve been a part of before. In this phase, I am dedicating my free time to actively contribute and support the community. I look forward to collaborating with the co-founders and offering my assistance to further strengthen the team. By re-engaging with cyberstorm.mu, I aim to contribute to the community’s growth and success, fostering innovation and collaboration within the open-source and cybersecurity domains.

Feb 2024– I adopted a labrabull-mix puppy from NFSAW. His name is Yeti and I wrote about him on this link “Yeti, the Labrabull adopted from NFSAW“. There is also a dedicated page about Yeti.

May 2024 – Revamp and Rebuild the cyberstorm.mu website. With the re-organization and the new members joining the community, the team decided it was time to get a new website. There are currently several projects in place and recruitment of new members in the group as it is evolving.