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Some days back, I was playing around with Solace event broker which is a proprietary software of Solace as well as what the logs says when it is freshly booted. I was making some research about some useful commands when handling solace. In this blog post, we are going to see some of the basics command about solace versions and how to upgrade it. The upgrade process is not as simply as doing a “yum update” though the system can be updated in that way, but its not going to affect the proprietary software within. So let’s see how to make an upgrade of a standalone software event broker in the right way as per solace.

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Prior before an upgrade, always make a survey or some verification of the system. It depends if you are running the appliance on HA, Cluster mode etc.. I am going to focus only on the upgrade process. Solace had spoken about the broker upgrade which is very helpful.

1. I have a standalone solace box here running on version 9.3.1

Note that the SolBase version is Each Solace PubSub+ software has a dependency on the SolBase version. Some upgrade can rely on same SolBase version. At the time, I am writing this article the SolBase version is Please refer to the official solace website for more information.

2.  We will upgrade the Solace PubSub+ message broker to the latest one which is First stop the service and use the command solacectl upgrade <latest package_name_version> to perform the upgrade.

You need to have root privileges for that.

3. On standard output, the package names are thrown out as well as the upgrade of the docker container.

4. After reboot, you should notice the version changed. For some reasons, the version of the solbase is not showing when using the command solacectl version. compared when on the prompt and using a show version.

I have asked a question on the Solace Community. Let’s see if gets answered.

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