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Setting up Active/Standby Redundancy MessageVPN with Solace PubSub+

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In this article, I’m going to show the step by step how I set up an HA redundancy group using three Solace PubSub+ event brokers for direct messaging. In this configuration style, the backup node will remain on standby mode. [Read More…]

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solacectl version VS show version – Solace PubSub+ Standard Upgrade

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Some days back, I was playing around with Solace event broker which is a proprietary software of Solace as well as what the logs says when it is freshly booted. I was making some research about some useful commands when [Read More…]

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Getting started with Solace message broker

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I have never heard of a Solace message broker, except for RabbitMQ which is used in VMware architecture. Well,  I might come across some message brokers years back but did not interact enough. Since days, I was playing around with [Read More…]