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I finally did the certification yesterday and got certified as Solace Certified Solutions Consultant. Some days back, the CEO of my current job asked for a challenge to whoever is the first to complete that exam will win 1000 USD. I was assuming that this will be a piece of cake. But it is not!

Solace Certified Solutions Consultant
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At the time, I’m writing this article, this certification is pretty new and there is no hint on the Internet. You have to be on your shoulders and read carefully all instructions, take notes whilst watching the tutorial, and make lots of research. Many vocabularies will be discovered whilst learning the Solace Certified Solutions Consultant training course. The is very helpful for research. Be careful of deprecated and outdated information to prevent confusion from what you are learning during the training videos.

The training is divided into 6 parts which have other subparts. They are Certification Overview, Being Event-Driven, Solace Background & Use Cases, Solace Essentials, PubSub+ Event Broker Key Features, and Solace Certified Solutions Consultant Exam.

One of the challenging parts during the exam is questions about the differences between particular products. You will not found a direct answer to the training video. However, you will have to understand products A and B, then make your own comparison and understand what they really are. Solace tries its best to really test your knowledge about what you have learned during the course. Some technical questions as well which are very tricky if you miss a “*” in a regex scenario. Otherwise, basic fundamental vocabularies are a MUST to understand. Message VPN, User Profiles, HA, etc..

Anyone reading this post, I invite you to do the Certification as its very interesting if you are into messaging and Solace appliances.

Here is my certification after attempting 3 times. First time I failed. The second time, I accidentally refresh the page where I lose my chance and the third time, I finally did it. Anyone who failed 3 consecutive times will have to wait for a certain amount of time to take the exam anew.

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