Blockchain and Fintech Security

Blockchain Network and its Security issues underneath

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This blog post is another continuation of Navigating the Financial Revolution: AI, Blockchain, and Traditional Banking and Exploring the Depths of Blockchain: Decentralization, Smart Contracts, and Beyond. Now, I will further iterate on Blockchain database processing and the data in [Read More…]

Linux System Networking and Hardware Security

35 commands to understand Firewalld in RHEL7 environment

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Firewalld provides a dynamically managed firewall with support for network/firewall zones that define the trust level of network connections or interfaces. It has support for IPv4, IPv6 firewall settings, ethernet bridges, and IP sets. There is a separation of runtime [Read More…]

Cloud Computing Linux Application Linux System MeetUps and Presentations Security

Attending AWSome day online conference 2019

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The AWSome day was a free online Conference and a training event sponsor by Intel that will provide a step-by-step introduction to the core AWS (Amazon Web Services) services. Its free and everyone can attend. It was scheduled on 26 [Read More…]