Yeti and his FI collar

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What features can a dog collar have? Navigation, sleep tracking, and activity monitoring, to name a few. Pretty cool, right? Initially, I was only looking for a GPS-tracking device for my dog. However, when I discovered the FI collar, which includes an LTE-M feature along with GPS, I knew it was the right choice for Yeti. This also meant I could finally replace the Apple AirTag he was using.



It’s been about a month since Yeti got his new collar. It was delivered on May 21, and the next day, I took him for a long walk in the city to test it out. Apply Airtag battery was draining super fast I was done changing the battery repeatedly. It’s waterproof and very light.

Let’s see how it’s going so far.

The waterproof feature has proven to be impressive. Yeti swam in the river for over three hours without any issues.


Durability has held up well through Yeti’s regular day-to-day wrestling with other dogs.

There are a few scratches on the device, but I think that’s acceptable given the wear and tear it endures.

The collar indicates Yeti’s daily activities, including sleep, steps, GPS tracking, and strain.


So far, it’s been pretty decent, and I’m satisfied with it. I’ve had it for a month now, and the only issue I’ve encountered was having to re-sync it with the charger. Overall, it’s worth the cost for its features and durability.

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