Attention: This blog post may raise concerns for many of you. Running a blog requires a significant investment of time. After several months, I’ve chosen to revitalize the website and reassess my content. An intriguing discovery I made relates to inactive URLs. Dead URLs can arise from various causes, adversely affecting user experience and website performance, and eventually, impacting rankings. Over time, I observed that some individuals neglect to update their websites. Some sites undergo domain changes without implementing proper redirection rules. Meanwhile, others opt to erase content to rewrite history—a choice I respect—and some are simply too occupied to address past issues.

Hence, that article might be a concern to many.

So I decided to make all broken URLs public and what I am doing to fix them. If in the future anyone wants me to re-fix or amend an amended link/URL that is of concern to you, please send me an email at [email protected]. I tried to resolve whatever I could to the best knowledge.

I used a free online tool at The total number of Broken links found is 35:


Number Broken URLS Issue Remedy
1 looks like redirection on old URLs are not working to Change url to business-magazine
2 ENOENT: no such file or directory. got new url
3 my mistake
4 no redirection and domain looks invalid
5 no redirection when using /en – new domain
6 website down repointed to its twitter account
7 page not found – re pointed to different link
8 Author stop the blog and move to a different one
9 company name re-branded and link not available outside of mauritius removed.. seem available to Mauritius only
10 my github name changed
11 Author stop the blog and move to a different one
12 kifah blog url changed to different location
13 profile not present on the current website
14 move to different url
15 changed to different URL
16 author profile changed to its linkedin profile
17 not using www anymore and no redirection  updated to same URL without www
18 move to different url
19 move to different url
20 move to different URL
21 since domain is dead ,redirecting to their twitter
22 cnn blogs retired per official website removed hyperlink
23 subdomain retired
24 reached out to natalie .. as the project kepler was dead for some time added natalie Wikipedia link –
25 app is retired — but keeping the reference from berkeley
26 subdomain retired removing
27 site down and coming up and down again — new reference
28 move to different url
29 move to different url
30 move to different url
31 remove the www – new url
32 blog down – redirect to github URL
33 move to different url
34 move to different url
35 url dead — redirect to home page


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