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Some basic commands to get started on FreeBSD

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In the past, I had some articles on FreeBSD, GhostBSD and other BSD’s variants. However, I noticed that its been years now that I did not train myself on BSD. So, I decided to run a side server with FreeBSD [Read More…]

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Cybersecurity Event Mauritius: Firewalls: back, now, then

Have you missed one of the most important cybersecurity events which recently took place in Mauritius? I wrote a blog post to announce the event. Well, in case you miss it, you might be interested in this article to catch [Read More…]

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DevConMru – Backup in the cloud for the Paranoid by

At Cyberstorm Mauritius we work on several projects and code for fun. One of the interesting projects we have look at is an application called Tarsnap which is used to perform a secure backup on the cloud. At Cyberstorm Mauritius, [Read More…]