EC2 Hibernation feature in AWS

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We can use the hibernate feature to eliminate the hassle of losing the memory state of an EC2 instance. Also, booting will be faster as RAM content is written in a file in the root EBS volume which must be configured as encrypted. This feature is usually leveraged mostly to get rid of long-running processes when a system is coming up.

1.So whilst creating an instance, under “Advanced Details”, there is the option under “stop hibernate behavior” which can be enabled which will allow hibernation on the EC2 instance.

2. Under “Storage” go to advanced, and choose “encrypted” for encryption

3. Also the encryption is done with the default KMS key

4. Since we have an 8 GB volume, it’s also important to take into account the size of the RAM which should be able to fit into that Volume storage.  As you can see, my RAM is 1 GB

Lastly, you can right-click on the instance and do a hibernate instance. When the instance is brought up, it should save everything in memory.

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