How I am loosing weight? – Part 2

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Today is Tuesday the 28th of December 2021. This morning my weight is 80.7. Well, let’s go back to the previous blog article where everything started some months back. As you can see on Dec 22, my weight was 82.5 and today the 28th I am still only a 2 kg deficit. The reason is because of Christmas, I ate 1 burger, a no-sugar soft drink, and ice cream. However, on the next day of Christmas, I was not kicked out totally from Ketosis. How did I know?

Well, I use the Keto Mojo Ketone urine test to track how much I am in ketosis or not.

Before Christmas, I was on 80 and after Christmas, I went back around 20. Here are my new weight measurements that were taken:

81.517.257.439.02.5Dec 23
81.016.957.639.22.5Dec 24
81.116.957.639.02.5Dec 25
81.617.557.438.32.4Dec 26
81.417.057.539.12.5Dec 27
80.716.357.740.32.6Dec 28

As you can see after Christmas, my fat level almost increase by 1 kg. However, on Dec 27 I went on 1-hour jogging. I ate very little except some fruits and 2 boiled eggs. To my astonishment, on the next day, my weight dropped to 80.7 with fats to 16.5. One of the doctors that I am following on youtube is Dr. Berg who explained well how to start intermittent fasting, Keto, Diet, and health in general.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”3dHcT1-K-tw” ]

I also learn that in weight loss, one should not have a goal, but instead consider this a checkpoint and keep on improving. Food lifestyle is very essential for weight loss. In the next article, I will keep on sharing my weight loss track and some food lifestyle that I am adopting.

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