Time to gift myself an Apple Watch

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I finally got my Apple watch 7 delivered. I am so excited to explore this and use it in my daily routine to track what Apple can offer about health. Other features of the Apple Watch are secondary for me. Maybe I will adopt other features provided by Apple. I also seized the opportunity to wish all the readers a happy new year 2022. This is my first blog post for the year. So let’s see why I got so interested in an Apple watch.

Some years back, I thought this was completely useless. However, as time moves on and I decided to put some effort and time into health, i.e losing weight and build muscle, I figured out it is not something that easy. Food consumption is one of the main things to deal with. If you have been reading my old blog posts as to how I am losing weight both part 1 and part 2, you would have figured out I am using an excel sheet to track the weight which includes fats, water, muscle, and bone density. After discovering what the Apple watch can offer, I decided to get one.

Unboxing the Apple Watch 7

Here are some features that the Apple watch can offer:

Tracking of your sleep

There is no reason to believe that sleep should not be tracked. It is only during sleep that protein synthesis and weight loss occur. At least, I have an idea if I am actually sleeping well.

Calories burnt

A calorie is not a calorie. However, I believe that it is good to know the “calorie” factor in terms of what Apple has to offer. The way sugar and fats are eliminated from the body varies a lot.

Being on ketosis and performing intermittent fasting.

I have been able to lose about 10kg in the last 2 months. I want to lose another 10 Kg to reach a normal state before moving on some serious weight and muscle building. I am pretty sure that the Apple Watch will be able to track my heart rate and the exercise style I am dealing with.

Well, I will try to blog more on the statistics in the coming days. Let’s see if it was really worth buying.

What I am tracking through the iWatch

  • Calories burned
  • Sleep
  • Physical Activities
  • Heart rate
  • Regular ECG
  • Follow-up on my weight

The data provided with the Health app from Apple is pretty cool to understand how the heart rate is changing over days, weeks, and months.

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