Linux Application Security

DDOS attack on WordPress xmlrpc.php solved using Fail2Ban

Several types of attack can be launched against WordPress website such as unwanted Bots, SSH Bot requests, unwanted Crawlers etc.. Some times back, i noticed that there were several attempts to perform a DDOS attack on a WordPress website by [Read More…]

Networking and Hardware Security is now IPv6 ready! Are you?

Validated by, is now IPV6 ready. Woohoo.. I now have the IPv6 validation button 🙂 Can you spot it? So, what is exactly is a free service that checks your IPv6 and IPv4 connectivity and speed. Diagnose [Read More…]

Linux System Security

Operation Prison Break by – Sandboxing and Firejail

This is yet another successful hackathon carried out under the umbrella of Branded by the theme “Operation PB – Prison Break”, members of shows skills of security innovations. We have also Rahul who is our proud newest member [Read More…]