Linux System

Assign a process to a specific CPU in a NUMA node

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NUMA – Non-Uniform Memory Access is really about CPU topology – A map of how CPUs are associated with memory, hence that’s why we say memory is divided into multiple memory nodes in NUMA. It’s kind of multiple computers compacted [Read More…]

Cloud Computing

Looking around EC2 instances types and Spot Instance creation in AWS

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Understanding EC2 instance type is one of the core AWS services. So this is one thing that I realized is a must-know when dealing with AWS products. Every EC2 instance type that Amazon provides caters to the specific needs that [Read More…]

Uncategorized AKA Non-Tech-Stuffs

Broken links on

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Attention: This blog post may raise concerns for many of you. Running a blog requires a significant investment of time. After several months, I’ve chosen to revitalize the website and reassess my content. An intriguing discovery I made relates to [Read More…]