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Broken links on tunnelix.com

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Attention: This blog post may raise concerns for many of you. Running a blog requires a significant investment of time. After several months, I’ve chosen to revitalize the website and reassess my content. An intriguing discovery I made relates to [Read More…]

BSD Exploration

Some basic commands to get started on FreeBSD

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In the past, I had some articles on FreeBSD, GhostBSD and other BSD’s variants. However, I noticed that its been years now that I did not train myself on BSD. So, I decided to run a side server with FreeBSD [Read More…]

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How I learned 400 spanish phrases in few months?

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I do not think anyone can deny the fact that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. My presence in the tri-states brought me to understand that I might need to learn Spanish. So I felt [Read More…]

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My hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey at Natural clinic

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For some years I was experiencing hair loss. After lots of research, I understood it is not a disease but a condition called Alopecia, which can be genetic, hereditary, and many other causes. However, after some serious research on my [Read More…]