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IETF 104 Hackathon remotely from Mauritius

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When it comes to innovation in code contribution in the latest RFC’s and IETF drafts at the IETF hackathon, the team is always here as a team hacking for the improvement of the Internet. For the IETF 104 hackathon [Read More…]

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My trip to Pension Cargo, Bras-Panon – Reunion Island

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I had a splendid time in Reunion Island this week. I stayed at “Pension Cargo” which is owned by Christian, a friend at Bras-Panon, Reunion island in the north-east of the neighbor island thirty minutes away from Roland-Garros, St-Denis Airport. [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations

My participation at #Afrinic29 in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia

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My participation at Afrinic-29 in Hammamet, Tunisia was productive and unique in itself. The event took place between 26-30 November 2018 at Diar Lemdina hotel. These are the days that will always be remembered. Situated in the north of Tunisia, [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations

IETF 103 hackathon remotely by – Day 2 & 3

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In case you missed Day-0 and Day-1 for the IETF 103 hackathon by the team, feel free to have a look. I should admit that Day-2 was a more relaxed day for the SSH team compared to those working [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations

IETF 103 hackathon remotely by – Day 1

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Day-0 for the IETF 103 hackathon was really fun. We had two first-timers who worked pretty hard. It was really an intense moment on Day 1. Everyone was busy with their projects. I should admit it was pretty intense. Our [Read More…]