MeetUps and Presentations Networking and Hardware Security VideoStream #1 : Modem Insecurity in Mauritius

On Tuesday the 17th of October 2017, the team had a public podcast on Modem Insecurity in Mauritius. Fifteen minutes after the start of the broadcast, there were already about 30 views from the public. We had over Keshav [Read More…]

BSD Exploration MeetUps and Presentations Security

Cybersecurity Event Mauritius: Firewalls: back, now, then

Have you missed one of the most important cybersecurity events which recently took place in Mauritius? I wrote a blog post to announce the event. Well, in case you miss it, you might be interested in this article to catch [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations mesmerising speech at the DevConMru 2017

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The message was clear and direct at the DevConMru 2017. Painted with a humorist approach, Loganaden Velvindron #2 of bridged the gap between students who were mainly in the audience to reach their goal in the IT industry and [Read More…]

MeetUps and Presentations Security

Operation WTF Hackathon by – Day 2

After having set up our network environment for the operation WTF, team started working on several vulnerabilities around WordPress content management system. It started on Saturday the 14th of May where several proofs of concept (POC) were established. I [Read More…]