Create a server with NodeJS – LUGM Meetups

A meet up was carried out today by Yog Lokhesh Ujhoodha today at 12:30 hrs at the University of Mauritius under the banner of the Linux User Group of Mauritius. The event with title "How to make a smart server with NodeJs" was announced on Lugm Facebook group as well as on the LUGM mailing list. As a passionate freelance developer he shared his experience of using NodeJs for critical production environment.

He started by giving a straight forward explanation to the audience the difference between a web server and a runtime environment in the context of NodeJs. 

Yog in action during the presentation
As you can see on the YouTube video the he laid emphasis on the following   topics:1. A problem statement2. Web server architectures3. Building an event-driven web server with NodeJS4. Distributed load with NodeJs5. Useful tools and Real life Benchmarks 

We ended with some technical questions. Several questions were shoot up by our hangout viewers. You can view the video and ask any questions for more clarifications. About 15-20 persons attended the meetup.

You can also reach Yog through his website at

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