Operation WTF Hackathon by Hackers Mauritius – Day1

If you have been following the recent activities of Hackers Mauritius those days, you would surely noticed a new hackathon organised by Hackers Mauritius - Operation WTF with aim to hack around wordpress security vulnerabilities. The event happened at Pereybere.

Though we did not have any network connection, the guys started with the setting up of the network cables. We used the Emtel WIFI Plus. Selven set up the Antenna on top of the building as we did have a DNS issue. We then used a router with OpenWRT to boost our connection and a WIFI extender to boost the signal.

Screenshot from 2016-04-22 21-30-38At the time i am writing this article, the hackathon is still going on.. Keep in touch to follow our activites. Check out this link as well https://twitter.com/hackersdotmu/status/731213237895741440