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Since the beginning of this year, I was much involved in Linux and opensource activities carried out under the umbrella of and it was pretty fun. After the Hackathon – Operation SAD where members of Cyberstorm Mauritius have fixed SSL bugs in many distros including OpenSUSE, I have decided to reach more potential OpenSUSE enthusiasts in Mauritius, a little island in the Indian Ocean to promote the OpenSUSE project.

The aim of gathering OpenSuse users in Mauritius is to:

  • Reach more people in Mauritius or even outer island to use Linux such as the OpenSUSE distro
  • Code contribution to the OpenSUSE Project
  • Bug reporting and constructive security analysis
  • Advocating OpenSUSE Project and its benefit

Some of the work carried out by these days are:

One of the aims accomplished is code contribution in OpenSUSE which is already in production. There are other members of who dived and fixed security bugs in the world of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Cisco, and even the Linux Kernel. As you may also notice through the media articles have appeared on local press such as Scope, Defimedia, LeMauricien, etc.. as a team strongly feel that we have already emerged in this field to accomplish a good quality job and is looking ahead for a better world by promoting Linux. 



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